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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Smack me upside the face!


God was letting me know what's up today! All fall I have been planning to visit my friends at Central Michigan University. Finally, this very last weekend I will be in Michigan, I made it there. This morning, I understood why it took so long.

I was supposed to be at my friend Dave's church this morning. The message started out simply enough with a rhetorical question about why the world is as bad as it is. We were challenged to think about how we spend out money and where it could do more good. Spend $18 for dinner or the movies? Imagine how important that $18 would be for a mom who cannot afford to feed her children. It was really neat to hear the focus being on using your blessings to serve and care for others.

The part that really spoke to me, however, was when this guy named Tim was brought up. Tim is a med student at MSU in Grand Rapids. He decided to go into medicine after spending three months in...the Dominican Republic working with a doctor who helps Haitian refuges. He told us a little about the experiences he had during the summer or 2000 and in the ten trips he's made since then.

The entire time, I could tell that God had aligned my and Tim's schedules because I was supposed to hear about this. At the end of the service, Dave looked at me and said, "Wow is God going to be doing something amazing when you go to the Dominican!" I got a chance to talk to Tim about things afterwards too, which was kind of cool.

There is no question in my mind about the Dominican Trip now. Clearly it is God's plan and not just the findings of an adventure seeker!

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Anonymous said...

that's awesome Beth, I'm so jealous of how much of a difference you're going to make. even while changing lives across the world, though, you'd best be keeping in touch with us back home who love you :)

this page is bookmarked, I'll be following your travels!!