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Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Day of Breaking

Oops! I meant to be much better about writing. I am now (as of three hours ago) in Maine. I paid the phenomanal Maine excise tax for my car this afternoon, and tomorrow get lisence plates and a new driver's lisence. More money!

I actually was supposed to have arrived last night. I stopped at the ATM on my way out of town (the parent's town, twelve hours from Maine), and my car broke down. Not exactly an inspiring way to start a long drive, especially when I have so much "business" to get done before leaving for the Dominican Republic on Saturday morning.

It turned out to be just a broken sensor and was repaired for free (yay warranties). About forty minutes before it was ready, I was at my parent's and the dog (theirs, not Mush) knocked my computer down. Yeah, broken. Right after I had just finished typing an incredibly long entry about the trip to France. Go figure. Maybe I am just not meant to share that?

Anyway, today I called a guy here in Maine about repairing it. He will be able to do it during my trip to the DR. From what I told him is wrong with it, he thinks the hard drive broke. Bad news: could lose all my files or at least some of them. Good news: not that expensive to repair when compared to the cost of a new computer. More bad news: I was just thinking about how I need to create backups of ALL my files, something I have never done. Cross your fingers and say a prayer for me, all the France and Florida pictures were on there!

Anyway, I will be in the Dominican until February 4th, but you can expect more news after that! I promise to get better about that!

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