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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A touch of Heaven

Yesterday I experienced a joy most I know take for granted, even avoid and complain about actually.  I loved it.  The cold shower.  The first fresh water shower I've had since leaving New England over two weeks ago.  I had forgotten how absolutely incredibly the feeling of water pouring over your head feels, how wonderful.  It was truly heaven on earth.

Actually, yesterday was, in general, an amazing day.  We are currently docked at Nelson's Dockyard, in English Harbor, Antigua.  We took the students on snorkeling in the morning, followed by an afternoon of intense hiking and more intense views.  The views included eating lunch on a cliff overlooking the ocean, watching the Maltese Falcon sail in front of smoking Montserrat.  After our hiking adventure came the aforementioned shower from heaven.  We ended the night by going out to dinner with the students.  A day mostly away from the ship was like a day off, for the educators and studentia alike.  

In other excitement, we have also visited Trellis Bay and the Baths, British Virgin Islands. While at Trellis Bay--a cool artist colony--we were able to sail a 35 foot Carib canoe, Gli Gli.  Gli Gli was built in Dominica from one tree.  It was then sailed down to the Oronokoo River, stopping at islands all along the way to reunite the Carib people.  The fact that we were able to sail her was unique and incredible.  We actually have one of the Caribs who sailed her down and back up to the BVIs aboard at the moment.  He was heading home in the next few weeks and since our next stop is Dominica, we offered a ride.  It is an incredible opportunity to get to know the Carib culture and history, for crew and students alike.   

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