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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Happiness

Generally, I take a Bah Humbug approach to Christmas preparations. I change the radio station when a hint of carol jingles. I grumble (loudly) about the commercial side of the season. At the end of October Disney's A Christmas Carol train tour set up camp near the ship and I shared my disgust with everyone I saw.

Somehow, December has inspired my holiday spirit in a new way. Perhaps it was the holiday spirit of Charleston with Christmas parades in the streets and on the waters. Perhaps it was the number of holiday parties I attended. Maybe it was that I managed to avoid holiday shopping in stores until the last few days, thereby ignoring some of my least favorite parts of Christmas.

Whatever the reason, I have been unusually filled with holiday cheer. I have smiled and said "Merry Christmas" to the vendors at Dunkin Donuts during my regular java fill ups along the drive from SC to New England to Erie. I have helped friends and family decorate Christmas trees. I have even left the radio station unchanged and sung along when the carols filled my car.

So, with sincerity and more gusto than usual I wish you a Merry Christmas!

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