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Friday, April 18, 2014

Coming to a Mailbox near You!

Coming soon to a mailbox near you! Perhaps yours, if I have your address! 

Now that it is official that I am in fact leaving this country in less than 7 weeks, my brain is constantly on preparations for departure...and awesome lesson planning as I finish up the school year. Now that the sun is out and the weather is above zero, I'm loving my present life as much as the anticipation of my future life.

I have only four trips home between now and leaving for Africa. This means each one has to include a carload of stuff from my apartment. My friend Kate blessed me this year but giving me a bunch of stuff for the apartment she vacated in July. Conveniently, she is returning to the area this July and I can gift the majority of the furniture back to her. I am really grateful to know I don't have to work at getting rid of it and that I will have a bed to sleep on until graduation day!

This week's big accomplishment, besides reassuring my credit card company that I did in fact make multiple purchases on Amazon, was creating and ordering the above postcards. The reverse side of the postcard includes an invitation to the Bon Voyage BBQ my sister and I are holding Memorial Day Weekend. Having grown up in the church, we always had missionary's photos and cards on our refrigerator. I may not be heading to Africa as a missionary, but I would love to spend some time on people's fridge's so that they can be reminded of me and send me happy energy even as they reach for the milk through bleary eyes each morning!

The postcards should be arriving next week and I hope to get them mailed by the weekend. If I don't already have your snail mail address and you want one, shoot me an email ASAP!

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