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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Culture and Crops

"We must celebrate our culture," Ntate Matlakala told me. "You cannot have culture without agriculture as food is a integral part of culture."

Ntate Matlakala is a director of LASTC or Leribe Agric Skills Training Center. He said this as the performances at LASTC's Cultural Day were concluding and we transitioned to dining. I was in attendance because a fellow PCV, Nick, works at LASTC.

Like many of the Basotho there to enjoy the cultural display, we donned appropriate clothing: a Seshoeshoe (Se-shway shway) dress and scarf for me, a kobo or blanket and hat for him. Not only did the Basotho present love seeing us in their cultural dress, but they really cheered when we introduced ourselves in Sesotho during the opening of the festivities.

The event included dancing, singing, musical, and theater performances celebrating Basotho history before we dined on traditional Basotho food made primarily from food grown by the LASTC students.

Instead of sharing this experience in words, I am going to allow the pictures and eventually videos do it for me.


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