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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Mokete ea Temo: Celebrity Style

Remember that party I went to a few weeks back to celebrate the agricultural successes my community has had this year? The one I wrote about in Mokete ea Temo?

Apparently, the video recording was not just for the Ministry of Agriculture but was also broadcast on the Lesotho television channel. At least that it was Ntate Thabo, the videographer, told me when I bumped into him at the LASTC Cultural Day.

And the pictures that were taken were also shared at large. For a few weeks, my usually white-person, PCV celebrity status increased as people I did not know approached me not to say hello but to tell me they had seen me in the newspaper. Even the ladies at the grocery store in town have been excited to tell me they saw me in the paper!

I do not have television or get newspapers, so I was unaware of my increased celebrity status. A local shopkeeper had a copy of the newspaper, so I now have my photo straight out of a Lesotho newspaper! I will admit that I am grateful my name was not mentioned in the article!

Page 10 of  Informative with 'M'e Lerato, the woman mentioned frequently in the article.

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