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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lesotho Happiness

This video was made by fellow PCVs Jeff and Alicia. At 1:40 is a clip from my collection of videos, taken during our Pre-Service Training village concert. My host sister, Ausi Lisamelo, is the one in the pink jacket, blue skirt, and black hat rocking out in the center.

The video was also a finalist in the Peace Corps Week 2016 video challenge. This competition kicked off Peace Corps Week 2016, which runs from today (28 February) to 5 March and helps celebrate Peace Corps 55th birthday on March 1st. You can join the Peace Corps Week Thunderclap here.

The theme for this year's Peace Corps Week is Highlighting Happiness: What does joy look like in my Peace Corps Country? With that in mind, here is my photographic interpretation of joy in Lesotho:

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