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Friday, April 01, 2016

Five Lesotho Facts

I realized recently I have been remiss in sharing some basic realities about Lesotho. So, here are some things that I have not mentioned but you probably assumed just because Lesotho is, in fact, in Africa. Enjoy!

5. We grow a lot of coffee. It is one of our biggest exports. Ironically, we export so much of it, there is only instant available for us to buy in local stores.

4. It is really hot, all the time. This should not be a surprise; it is, after all, Africa. It may not be equatorial, but it is still toasty every day.

3. As a colony of Britain, Lesotho was heavily exploited. Like most African countries, Lesotho was forced into colonization. During the colonial period, which lasted until 1966, the resources of Lesotho were exported, leaving the country in its current impoverished state.

2. Following the end of colonization, we have seen bloody upheaval as the country tries to find its own way. Just like many other African nations, the people of Lesotho have had a hard time finding a path to peace.  Even before the attempted coup of August 2014, there were multiple conflicts that nearly brought the country to civil war throughout its first 50 years.

1. Girls are discouraged from education. By now most people have heard of Let Girls Learn or seen the #62millionGirls campaigns in America. There is a good reason for this. Girls in Lesotho are often discouraged from secondary or tertiary education as it costs money. Since they will probably work at home and take care of children, spending money on their education seems futile to most parents.

Happy April Fools Day!!!
These are all blatant lies. If you did not question any of them, I challenge you to remember that Africa is incredibly large and diverse. It has more countries and more histories than the US has states. 

Click here for the real skinny about the above topics!

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