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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Three Photo Thursday: 22 September

Teaching life skills at the local primary school is always one of the best mornings of each week. Typically, grade six is the most challenging, as it is more than double the size of the other three classes and the students are more shy about participating. 

This week, however, we learned about the physical changes that happen to men and women during puberty. Split into gender groups, the students were more engaged than I have ever seen them. 

Here the girls are determining whether specific changes happen for males, females, or both. It was a competition between the boys and the girls to see which group could get more answers correct. The girls won by four points!

I spent my Monday morning preparing for the life skills class above and also making a model RUMP: Reusable Menstrual Pad. This fabric is from the Ugandan team at the LGL Summit I attended back in June. I have been eagerly waiting the chance to sew it and use it to help women in my community make their own RUMPS. Over the weekend, my patience will be rewarded and we will get sewing!

PCV Jacob and the all-female PCVL team
following the delicious discovery of the
Coffee Frappe!

My role as a PCVL has kept me incredibly busy lately, with regular trips from site to Maseru to meet with staff and other PCVLs in preparation of the upcoming training for new volunteers.

My background in training and program development has me loving the process of writing new and adjusting old session plans to ensure that the upcoming training is as practical and hands-on as possible.

Another highlight of all this hard work is moments like this: discovering Coffee Frappes only a walk away from our work in the office. These things are dangerously good and may be replacing food on my future trips to town!

Bonus Fourth Photo:

I couldn't resist sharing this beautiful young lady and her empowering sweatshirt! It seemed appropriate that she wore this over her school uniform on the same day we were discussing strengths and weaknesses in her Life Skills class. 

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