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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Three Photo Thursday- 13 October

The Form E students singing during their celebration.
On Friday, I awoke before dawn and donned my party dress (literally). As early as possible, I was on a taxi leaving the Peace Corps training village bound for my brother Thabo’s Form E Farewell. Form E is the local equivalent of Senior Year. Instead of a graduation ceremony, schools do a Farewell Ceremony before the students write their exams. Their exams are nationalized and they must pass in order to earn the certificate (like a diploma). I had promised Thabo last year that if I was still in Lesotho, I would be in attendance for his ceremony. It was amazing. For six hours I watched students dance, sing, and give speeches before we ate a meal and headed home. It was my proudest moment in Lesotho thus far, however, I will discuss that more in Monday’s blog post!

Heather shows her awe at our waffle breakfasts...after enjoying a milkshake as a pre-breakfast treat!
A few weeks ago, I realized that inside my own head I was frustrated more often than usual and becoming more negative. I spent a walk stewing about it on my way to town and realized that since January 1st I had taken a total of three vacation days! That same morning I learned I was not needed for an activity I had promised to help with and another PCV mentioned he was headed to Clarens for that weekend. Within two hours of my realization, I had a mini-vacation trip to Clarens planned. Having been to Clarens for the other vacation days I took this year, I was not there to sightsee. I was there for amazing food, dark beer, my friends’ tattoos, and my own pedicure. For two days, that was all we did and it was exactly what I needed!

Finally! Burglar Proofing is Installed!
The week ended with some huge excitement. Only a week after giving me a quote for burglar proofing the chickenhouse, the third and final contractor we hired called to say that installation was happening…that day! I had to scramble to rearrange my schedule for the day-I was supposed to be finalizing things for the boys’ camp that was about to start-and then get back to my village from town. But, by mid-afternoon, the entire chicken house was finally burglar proofed. Considering my frustration less than two weeks earlier, this was an incredibly exciting turn of events.

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