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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Three Photo Thursday-10 November

As I mentioned on Monday, the Chicken House finally reached completion! Here is one happy Beth last Saturday when the cage installation was completed. The little red things are the drinkers. Once the chickens arrive, I will never again hang out under these cages!

Basotho girls and women carry water and other heavy things on their heads. The effort and neck strength training begins in childhood as girls mimic the women they see. Here my favorite twins and regular playmates were hanging out playing with 1L buckets while their grandmother and I discussed work. After using the buckets at seats, balls, and more, they started placing them on their heads. As soon as they could let go, they excited began calling for their grandmother's attention to show off how grown up they are. I love these two!

It rained! After last year's terrible drought and the fact that the rainy season is slow to get going this year, I cannot begrudge even a drop of the important life source. I will admit, however, I prefer the rain when I can hide in my house with a book and multiple cups of coffee. It is harder to celebrate when the heaviest and longest downpour in months coincides with a day that I have no option but to leave the village. That is what happened Sunday. Despite a raincoat-that is admittedly no longer waterproof-and an umbrella, I was soaked during the forty-five minute slippery walk out of the village. The normally dry donga had numerous little waterfalls helping to fill it. Once I finally made it to the road and onto a taxi, I figured I was wet but home free. Instead, right as I disembarked the taxi in town to switch to a vehicle traveling toward the capital, an onslaught of rain began, drenching me yet again. I eventually dried out and am once again grateful for rain!

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