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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Three Photo Thursday-3 November

Burglar Bars Make a Happy Beth!
After I wrote about the Burglar Bar Busts, I began to wonder if the chicken coop would ever be completed. Thanks to the help of the wonderful Peace Corps staff, we got connected with a true professional. Within a week of giving us our quote, the burglar bars were finally in place.

Now we are finished up a few things-like buying food and cage installation-before the chickens arrive. Then my work is done and the women in MCCC will really need to get to work!!!

You can make anything out of plastic bags-even jump ropes!
 I love walking through the village in the late afternoons when all the kids are out playing. On this day, I bumped into some of my favorite girls jumping rope using plastic bags they had re-purposed. I love the ingenuity of kids when pre-designed toys are not readily available!

US Embassy funded latrines in Lesotho
During our training, the Ambassador of Lesotho came for a lunch. He explained some of what the US Embassy does in Lesotho. Despite being a fairly educated individual with a degree in Political Science, I was surprised to learn of some of the development efforts the US government supports through the US Embassy.

One such project is in sanitation and health; providing people with vented latrines. Vented latrines are proven to reduce the transmission of disease.

These latrines are from the village where this year's training is occurring. The village is full of new numbered latrines, highlighting the organization used in installing these cleaner options. This particular row is at the local primary school. Thank you America! If you are like me, you are not even aware of the many ways you help people in the developing world!

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