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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bumming in Maine

Well, I have spent the last five weeks or so bumming around Maine. Mostly, around Winthrop with occasional jaunts to Kennebunk, Freeport, Vassalboro, Augusta, Fayette, and the like. I was actually getting pretty bored, so I joined a local fitness center and started a learn to run program. That's been going surprisingly well. But, now I have real news. I might just have things almost figured out.

I have a job offer! And I will definitely be sailing within the month. The question is still where.

Yesterday I had an interview with the Spirit of South Carolina, a tallship that is based in Charleston and just launched Sunday. I interviewed for their Head Shipboard Educator position and really really really want that job. It is quite similar to what I did at camp, but with a different curriculum-most of which still has to be developed- and on a tallship. I think the interview went well, they still have one person to interview but the Education Director told me that I am the most qualified for the position. That's positive, right?

So, today I had a second interview for that position, with the Captain. We talked a lot of shop and at the end of our conversation he said that the Ed Director makes the final decision, but he thinks I would be a really good fit with their program. Double positive, right?

So here is where the actual job offer comes in, not ten minutes after my interview yesterday, I got a call from the Captain of another tallship. I'd applied over a month ago and written them off by now. We did the interview right then, and he offered me a job. I'd already told him about the Spirit of South Carolina, so actually what he said was, "If they call and break your heart, I want you to work for me." He really seemed to think highly of the program in SC, though and sounded like he hoped I got that job, which is cool. But at least I have a good backup! A particularly fun one too, since I would be sailing the boat from Miami to Lake Michigan. Tons of open water, offshore sailing!!! Of course, the comical part of that is that I just got out of Michigan!

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