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Friday, March 16, 2007

New Job in the South

I have a job! I won’t actually be starting until the beginning of April, but the job should be “perfect” for me. It combines my love of sailing and tallships with love of youth and education. It is quite similar to what I was doing at Pendalouan, only on a tallship with a focus on oceanography, maritime studies and science, and seamanship. I may not get to play on a zipline or high ropes course, however, it sounds like I will still have opportunities to climb aloft.

Applying for jobs actually turned out to be a great experience. I only applied for three sailing jobs. Having been out of the field for five years, I really was not expecting too much. In fact, the first position I applied for, I actually forgot about. In the end, that tallship offered me a position the same day I interviewed for the ship I am joining. The third program—an incredibly well-designed program that sails between New England and Nova Scotia—asked me to interview the day got my job.

I tend to mentally discredit myself a decent amount, so having great interviews (which requires thinking about and focusing on the positive) and receiving job offers forced me to acknowledge my skills and abilities.

Aside from the excitement of the job search, the past six weeks have been quiet and relaxed. Unlike the last four or five years of my life, not having a job or adventure has forced me to really take a look at myself, my life, and what I want out of both. Do not worry, I still have not come up with a “life plan” or long-term goals, much to my grandmother’s dismay.

Instead, I have spent time thinking about things I want to accomplish and how to go about getting to those goals. For example, I want to knit socks. That may not seem like a big deal, but as little as six weeks ago I did not know how to knit at all. I had Grandma teach me to knit and am working on my fifth scarf. Tonight I am actually meeting up with my aunt, Queen of Sock-making, for my first official sock lesson. After all, I need to be able to do it without her help before I leave in two weeks!

Also, since I was unable to swim (pool memberships in Maine are few and far between), I decided to take up running. Right now I am in my fourth week of an eight week running program. After I get done this program, I am going to start a long-distance program. There is a half marathon an hour or so away Charleston (oh yeah, that’s where I am moving to) in October. I figure that even with access to a pool again (Charleston has many public lap pools and a really strong Masters program) and a busy job, that should give me enough time. So, anyone want to come visit me in South Carolina instead of going to Halloween Camp at Pendalouan? You can cheer me on or run with me! I know that sounds exciting!!!

Another thing that has become really important to me is the La Romana trip. My new job actually ends by December, which means, I will once again be able to go and work on the Good Samaritan Hospital. I’ll be heading down there the last full week of January and the week that spans the Jan/Feb bridge. If you are interested in joining our group, even for only one of those weeks, please please please let me know. I am still in awe of how incredible this experience was. It is hard to imagine how much is can change your outlook and your life. The entire experience was positive, even the day I was drilling metal and crying out of frustration at the same time!

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Anonymous said...

The Princess of Pendalouan has become the Queen of knitting!


I love S.C. and have high hopes of visiting you there.