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Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Atlantic photos Lesotho

The Atlantic just published 21 gorgeous photos of Lesotho yesterday. While I plan to take and share more than 21 photos, I don't know that mine will look this incredible. Check them out!

"A Trip to Lesotho, the 'Kingdom in the Sky'"

In other news, the word of the week is patience...or perhaps impatience. I finally got the final piece of medical paperwork uploaded and sent to the Peace Corps Medical Office on Monday afternoon. It's been ready for weeks, but the doctor's office needed me to pick it up in person and I was enjoying Spring Break in Charleston and Florida.

Some of my future friends and fellow trainees that I am in touch with on facebook completed their medical paperwork earlier in the month. They heard back from the medical office within twenty-four hours. It's Thursday and I haven't heard anything yet. This is not bad news, it is just radio silence and it has me maniacally checking my email constantly! 

I'm not actually worried about things, there are two other ladies in my group who also uploaded theirs on Monday and haven't reported hearing about their final clearance. One of the ladies who already received approval let us know that she actually did not get approval on the first try, but had to get a few more things documented for them, so clearly, no news is not bad news.

But, I'm desperate for news!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Jen Webber said...

Wow, Beth, those are absolutely beautiful. So excited for your adventure!