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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Three Photo Thursday - 17 November

The time for goodbyes has begun. In ten short days, I will be leaving my beloved Botha Bothe and moving to my second site-nearer the capital and Peace Corps Office. The goodbyes this week began with my final Teen Club for HIV positive youth at Baylor's Pediatric AIDS clinic. After more than two years of monthly meetings, I am definitely going to miss these incredible, bright children. This photo is with Ausi Lerato, the program manager. Although I have some photos with the teens, in the interest of maintaining confidentiality, those are just for me! 

Continuing in my attempts to maximize time with the wonderful people I have met in my community, some fellow PCVs and I spent Saturday night at my adopted Indian family's house enjoying delicious food, hilarious conversation, and funny movies. It was a wonderful night I will cherish forever just as I cherish having been absorbed into this fun family!

Between casual dinners, Natasha's wedding, and observing prayers, I have experienced many new cultural moments with them. 

My host mother and I have been planning to wash my blankets for ages. We finally got around to it this week after heavy rains delivered water for us. Step one of blanket laundry in Lesotho is brilliant. Instead of stomping grapes, Bo-'M'e stomp the laundry getting the dirt really loose and making the whole process a lot easier. Easier is a relative term, however, as lifting and ringing out heavy water-logged blankets is backbreaking work. 

In the background of this photo you can see the family pig, whom I have named Ntja. Ntja  is the Sesotho word for dog. Ntja the pig definitely thinks she is a dog. When she gets out of her pigpen, she can often be seen running to greet us as we arrive home or sleeping on the stoop of my door!


Anonymous said...

Hello Beth! I am currently applying for the Peace Corps and Lesotho specifically. I had my interview yesterday, and I think it went well, in large part because your blog has been so incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for all you've written, and I wish you the best as you continue your service in Lesotho!

Beth said...

Wow!!!! This is the best kind of feedback you could share with me. Thank you! I hope that your invitation follows and that you get to come to this amazing little country. I am truly in love with it. I should be returning to America before your training would begin but I know that this country would welcome you with wide open arms and huge smiles!