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Friday, December 02, 2016

Three Photo Thursday - 1 December

This week marked a week of transition as I moved from my beloved Ha Rasekila in Botha Bothe to my new site near the capital. A highlight of saying goodbye was the farewell ceremony that my organization gave me on Sunday. Here I am towards the end of the ceremony with members of MCCC in the kobo (blanket) and mokorotlo (traditional hat) that they gave me. I will have more on the ceremony itself in the near future, so stay tuned!

Before leaving the village, my host mother and I went to my brothers' football game. It was beautiful weather for a football match. I am always impressed at how well the teams play on the uneven terrain. That slight rise behind my brother (center) and the ref is still considered in play! Also, my brother's team won the match!

December first marked World AIDS Day. Around the globe, people raised their hands to help with HIV prevention. I raised my hand to help stop stigma as it prevents people from getting tested and from getting treatment after they know their status. 

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