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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Three Photo Thursday - Thanksgiving Special

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!

In honor of Thanksgiving, combined with the many special moments I have been enjoying as I work on saying goodbye to my village, this week's Three Photos are things I am incredibly thankful for over the last two and a half years.

My brothers, my host mother, and I walked to our grandparent's house last Saturday. Not only is the walk itself absolutely stunning, but given my impending departure, time with this family is particularly precious! I have been so blessed to have this family as my own for the last thirty months.

Abuti Polau, Abuti Mokhesuoe, and me at my grandparent's house in Maloseng.

I enjoyed yet another wonderful meal with my adopted Indian family over the weekend. We exchanged early Christmas gifts, ate too much delicious food, and then stepped outside for photos. An hour later, we were still posing as the sun set! I have been so blessed to have this family in my life and to be so included in their activities!

We are models! As our child photographers snapped a hundred photos, Venilla, 'M'e 'Masentle and I posed on command after
yet another fun afternoon together. 

And finally, a photo I have been intending to take for the last two years. The views of Botha Bothe will always be some of my favorites. Walking around my community, I feel as though I stop in awe almost every day. Being surrounded by such beauty makes every moment seem more special.

Finally I managed to pose for a photo I had been intending to take since I arrived in July 2014!

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