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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Heritage Finale

In Hilton Head, we spent a few days doing deck tours at Palmetto Bay Marina. The second day of tours, we made the front page of the newspaper, including a few quotables from yours truly. This lead to over five hundred people visiting the boat that afternoon!

Shortly afterwards, we headed out to our anchorage for the week. Being at anchor has some great perks: knitting excessively, solitude, swimming daily, a chance to get a lot of work done. At the same time, being stuck on the boat gets old.

Sunday afternoon, as the PGA tournament was winding down, Ben and I headed in to see what all the fuss was really about. We got dropped off on the dock and headed towards a motor yacht, Rebel. Rebel was serving as the hospitality boat for members of the South Carolina Yacht Club, who is beginning to get involved with the ship. We hung out there, talking up our ship and programs, discussing sports, and asking lots of questions. As they were closing up for the afternoon, one of their members offered us passes to go watch some golf.

We wandered over to the eighteenth hole, marvelling loudly at the beautiful schooner anchored directly in front of us. We asked people questions about the tournament and learned that there were only the top few contenders still playing. Soon, we were watching a man named Gay in lime green shirts putt himself to a tournament record of 20 below par!

Ben immediately pulled out his cell phone and called the ship, "I want horn and guns, lots of it!" The people near us looked a little bewildered, but seemed to get it when the hot schooner's cannon went off.

All in all, it was an entertaining two hours ashore, filled with a million highlights. Just today one of the crew commented on how giddy and smiley I was when I returned to the ship.

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