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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Live from Hilton Head

Life aboard is fantastic. After six months away, I truly feel like I have returned home. Who knew that home would be a moving 140-foot schooner? Then again, my dream house is a VW campervan.

Other than a few weather-caused postponements, the daysail season aboard has been going really well. Students and teachers alike have been having a great time and each day I am thrilled to be working here.

For the next week, we are in Hilton Head. This weekend we are doing open ships at a marina. After that, we are going to be anchoring off the 18th hole for the upcoming Heritage golf tournament. Look for us on CBS next week. We will be the big schooner with lights and flags.

For the crew, it should be a great break for educational sails. We will be doing maintenance, playing on and in the water, and relaxing. A nice midseason fiesta/siesta...

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